Forever House is a contemporary church in Brisbane for all generations and nationalities. We are united in love, wisdom and vision called to reach and impact the Greater Brisbane Region. Our Brisbane Campus is located in Coopers Plains.

We see a church that helps people to connect to the reality of God and develop a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

We see a church that helps people to grow strong and mature in their identity in God to live an overcoming, persevering, powerful and blessed life.

We see a church that has thriving teams, groups and events to strategically reach and impact the city and community.

We see a church that raises up leaders, pastors and ministers to empower the local church and plant other Forever Churches in Australia and beyond.

We see a church that advances God’s Kingdom by training its members to identify and activate their giftings and callings to serve God.

 There are five main values at the heartbeat of Forever House:

A church that values the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in people’s lives. A church that places a priority on powerful praise and worship that releases fresh faith and vision. A church that puts value on the supernatural power of God to operate in people’s lives.

A church that supports individuals in growing in personal and spiritual strength. A church that values the role equipping and encouragement plays within the lives of its members. A church that disciples its members to reach their full potential and move forward in life victoriously.

A church that values in-depth practical and relevant teaching of the word to empower people for all areas of life. A church that values studying and applying the principles and wisdom of God. A church that honours leadership and people. A church where loving people and pastoring them authentically is culturally dominate. Where fellowship and a sense of community is real and of a high quality. A church that values faithfulness, teachability and availability.

A church that values contemporary culture and a spirit of excellence to successfully reach this generation and also values building a generational blessing and seeing people succeed in all areas of their life.

A church that encourages people to have a balance in priorities and significance in their life. A church that puts significance on people’s call in the marketplace or community, equipping and empowering them to impact their circle of influence. A church that put significance on family and spending quality time with family and friends. A church that also puts significance on people serving with their gifts and contributing to building their local church.

Our Mission at Forever House is to help people to live with purpose. To equip people to be the Church beyond Sundays. To inspire and enable them to live a life of Godly influence 24/7 and impact the world around them. Ultimately our aim is to empower people to live their life with a personable, positive, proactive, passionate and purposeful focus.